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Artwork Designer

Click on the links below to start designing your artwork, our online artwork designer is a powerfull web based design suite just like photoshop. No need to install any software simply select your required template from below and start creating your own artwork online instantly.

Disc Templates
CD DVD Template
Blu-Ray Template

Jewel Case Inserts
2 Page Insert Template
4 Page Insert Template
6 Page Roll Fold Outter Insert Template
6 Page Roll Fold Inner Insert Template
Jewel Tray Template

DVD Wraps
Standard DVD Case Template
Slimline DVD Case Template

Card Wallet
Card Wallet Template

4 Panel DigiPack Template

Flash player is required to run this from your web browser, it may take a minute to load up your required template, for those that have used photoshop will not have any issues using this designer and for those who havent and are having issues please check out this PDF which should help you out.

If you have any queries regarding the artwork designer please do feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help.